Ready to volunteer-teach Junior Achievement in a classroom?  Or, looking for more information about the program?  You're In the right place!

About Junior Achievement

What is Junior Achievement?

    - Junior Achievement is a nonprofit organization providing a series of business, economics, and life-skills programs to enhance the education of young people.

     - JA of Washington was established in 1953 and founded nationally in 1919.  JA Worldwide is headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO  

What are the lessons?

     - Kindergarten – OURSELVES introduces the economic roles of individuals
     - First grade – OUR FAMILIES discusses the role of families in the local economy.
     - Second grade – OUR COMMUNITY examines responsibilities and economic opportunities available within a community.
     - Third grade – OUR CITY considers economic development, local businesses, and career opportunities.
     - Fourth grade – OUR REGION explains the economic/business resources found in state and regional economies.
     - Fifth grade – OUR NATION studies business operations and economic issues in the United States.

What is the time commitment?

     - Training takes less than an hour (one time)

     - Lessons last between 30-50 minutes each.  There are 5 lessons.

     - Lesson preparation generally takes about 30 minutes per session.  

I'm ready!  What's next?

1. Register as a volunteer on the JA Website

2. Read and agree to the Code of Conduct.  I believe you have to do this as part of your registration, but just in case you didn’t read it, I’m providing another link.

3. Begin the training process.  There are 2 methods of training:

     - At JA Offices –You’ll find a link to training times/locates here (There is a small link at the end of a paragraph which lists training sessions in the Puget Sound area )
     - Online - instructions are here: Take the Online Training

4. Note that you also need to be approved by the Everett School district.  If you have not already submitted the application, you can do that here. Approvals are good for several years.

Junior Achievement at Woodside

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