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Junior Achievement Online Training

1. Access the Online Training website at 

2. Select New Users – register here. 

     - You may need to download Macromedia Flash Player 5 and QuickTime 4 to view all the pages properly.

     - You must create your own password and username and hit Submit.

 3. Go to the top green menu, click on JA Volunteer Orientation.

     - Click on Home.
     - Adjust your volume to follow along with the narrated speaker.

NOTE:  After you have completed a module, please click on the refresh “module complete” button under Troubleshoot tab. The computer will then show that module as complete. We recommend you hit the refresh button on the Troubleshoot tab after you have completed each session.

 4. Return to JA Volunteer Orientation Program click on Volunteer/Teacher Connection.
     - Click on Basic Requirements.
     - Click on Modules Not Taken.
     - Click next and proceed through Volunteer Responsibilities, Teacher Responsibilities, useful Tips & Forms, FAQ’s and Self Check.
5. Return to Basic Requirements, Modules Not Taken, and click on Classroom Management.
     - Click next and proceed through Teaching Techniques, Tips & Tricks, FAQ’s, and Self Check.
6. Return to Basic Requirements, Modules Not Taken, and click on Behavior Standards.
     - Click on next and proceed through Standards of Conduct, Agreement Forms, and Self Check.
7. Return to Basic Requirements, Modules Not Taken, and click on Student Characteristics.
     - Click on your program section (Elementary, Middle Grades or High School), proceed through module and self check.

8. Once all Basic Requirements are taken proceed  to the JA Volunteer Orientation Program (the system will keep track of your progress so you do not have to complete the entire training in one sitting.)
     - Select the Program Module (Elementary, Middle Grades or High School).
     - Select Modules Not Taken.
     - Choose the appropriate program.
     - Click next to proceed through all four sections:
          *Program Goals
          *Kit Description
          *Activity Reviews
          *Self Check

 Once you have completed all training modules, Please fill out the online training Evaluation, let your JA Representative know you have completed the online training.

Congratulations – You are ready to teach!