Woodside Elementary PTA

Every child. one voice.

Where can you help?

The Woodside PTA runs on volunteers and helping hands are always welcome. Please consider signing up for a committee chair position,

co-chairing a committee, or volunteering where needed. Please contact Woodside PTA at to express your interests.

All areas will welcome additional help.

Woodside PTA Committee Descriptions


Overseer of ALL

1st VP Membership 

Responsible for everything related to the membership of PTA

2nd VP Ways and Means

Responsible for fundraisers


Responsible for all accounting of PTA funds

Secretary - Kris Kirwan

Responsible for taking notes at monthly meetings and sending them out prior to next meeting for review. 

   *Time Commitment:

     - 1 Meeting a month, 2 hours
     - 10 minutes a month updating/sharing Meeting Minutes

     - Daily: email coordination (10-20mins/day total)

Technology Advisor (Hotmail): Check email daily and send out information as needed for committees. This is a yearlong commitment. This can be combined with other technology advisor positions. No experience needed :)

Communications/Facebook - Amanda Buechler

Update Facebook sight with information for Woodside families. This is a yearlong commitment.

After School Programs

Coordinates, organizes, and schedules after school programs; communicates information to school and parents. Maintains the after school program calendar, facility requests, and promotes the programs. 

Art Docent - Kasi Boaz and Sherri Lee

No Art Experience Required. Lead a class with information about artistic techniques, view pieces of art and create a hands on project.

All materials provided.

  *Time Commitment:

     - 1 training/month (1-2 hours) to learn the lesson for the month

     - 1 class/month (1 hour)

     - Art Walk setup (optional) - 1-2 hours on the day of the Art Walk to hang pictures and take down after.

Auction Committee

Work with the Ways and Means VP’s to host an auction (TBD if auction is chosen to raise funds)

Audit Committee

Three PTA members review the financial records and fill out an audit checklist. Accountants are welcome but checkbook balancing skills are sufficient. Audits are scheduled at the convenience of the auditors and can be outside of school hours.

   *Time Commitment:

     - 2 hours January and June


We take pride in making Woodside a beautiful place for our kids and community. This is usually a clean up job with some weeding and

planting involved. 

Bingo Night​ - Courtney Bossert

This is a student favorite! Bingo is twice a year, once in the Fall and once in Spring. This is an evening event.

Book Fair​ - Johanna Mueller (looking for co-chair)

This event only happens twice during the school year. This is once in the Fall and once in the Spring, each is a week long commitment.

Book It​ - Tracy Williams

Distribute and collect monthly reading logs. Track and distribute prizes monthly to students. This is mainly done from home with minimal time spent at school.

Box Tops​ - Amanda Buechler

Collect and send in box tops for the school. This is mainly done from home with minimal time spent at school.

   *Time Commitment:

     - <1 hour per week (does not have to be done weekly) to count box tops

     - 1 hr/month to design contests and print/distribute forms to teachers. NOTE: If you are unable to get to the school to make copies, there are        always people to help out with this part!

     - 1 hr 2x/year (Oct. and Mar.) to prepare and mail the box tops.

Family Fun Night/Carnival

Our favorite way of saying thanks for a wonderful year and have a great summer. Help with the planning phase or join us at one of the evening's game booths. This is an evening event and a one time commitment.  

Field Day - ​Lindsey Read

Join us during the school day for lots of fun. Field day requires a lot of volunteers:

    - Coordinator: Plans the activities, orders supplies as needed, schedules vendors as needed. 

     - 10-20 hours planning over the course of a month. This is a GREAT committee to work in teams and divide the tasks!

    - Volunteer (day of): AM or PM shifts available. This is a one time commitment. Average 10-20 volunteers per shift needed.

Fifth Grade Celebration

Are you a fifth grade parent who wants to make sure this event is extra special? From Invitations, Decorations, photos, refreshments and more, your help is always appreciated

     - Coordinator: Plans the snacks and decorations, assists 5th grade teachers with coordination, helps design the programs and a gift for the                students. This is a GREAT committee to work in teams and divide the tasks!

     - Volunteer (day of): This is a one-time commitment. Help set up, decorate, and coordinate.

ID Tags

Find a company to use, distribute information, collect money, order and distribute product to Woodside families. This is a once to twice a year event. (Optional committee)

Junior Achievement

Lead a class in this excellent program, all materials provided. As the chairperson you coordinate with the class room teachers for volunteers in the classroom.


This is a position that's time commitment will depend on YOU and how you feel about the issues.

Music Concert Assistant

Newsletter Editor

Popcorn Friday - Carrie Orrino and Jonis Black

This is a monthly event during school lunches. Pop popcorn, bag, sell and clean up. 

   *Time Commitment

     - 9am - 2pm one Friday a month

     - Shifts can be coordinated to share the load  

Reflections - Gabrielle Marcias

Attend an information workshop in September and distribute information about this year's program. Collect school wide entries for viewing and send off to district competition.  

Skate Night - Susan Warner​

This is a twice a year evening event, usually in the Fall and Spring. Book the date and advertise for this event.

Student Programs - Erika Oudekirk

Work with school administration to book assemblies throughout the school year. This is yearlong commitment.

Teacher Appreciation - Courtney Bossert

Join us as we celebrate our teachers and staff! Appreciation is once a month for a variety of special occasions throughout the year.

Technology Advisor (website) - Sara Hinnenkamp

Update PTA Website as needed. Computer/internet access required - you do not need to be super technical, we will provide training.

Tiny Toucans - Kasi Boaz

Toucan Flyer

This is a monthly publication. You solicit ideas from school events and administration. You publish, for email. This is a yearlong commitment.

Toucan Treasure Store/SOAR

Maintain and order Toucan Treasure Box supplies for teachers that participate in this reward program. This is a yearlong commitment.

     - Total commitment should be less than 1 hour/month

Toucan Wear

Let’s hear it for school spirit! Distribute and collect order forms. Distribute Toucan wear. Commitment time varies.

Variety Show - ​Susan Warner and Courtney Bossert

Schedule Tryouts, rehearsals and oversee the School Talent Show. This is a month long commitment usually in May. This includes afterschool tryouts/rehearsals and an evening event.

     - Coordinator: Plans the decorations, schedules and holds tryouts/rehearsals.  This role can easily be shared with several people

     - Volunteer (Day of) - help set up decorations, clean up

Watch Dog - Brian Read (looking for co-chair)

Woodside Workers - Lindsey Read

Year Book

Collect or take pictures throughout the school year. Format the yearbook and work with Lifetouch to finalize. Sell and distribute. This is a yearlong commitment.

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