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Woodside Elementary PTA

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May Project

Claude Monet, Oil Pastels & Water color

October Project

Van Gogh, Wheatfields with Crows

December/January Project

Jackson Pollock, Splatter Paint

March Project

Leonardo da Vinci, Portraits

November Project

Night Time Owl

Welcome to the Art Docent Page

2017-2018 Training Materials

Kids love art! The Art Docent Program at Woodside is a quality arts literacy enrichment program provided by volunteers that visit the classroom each month to introduce children to the wonders of art appreciation. The art curriculum is pre-packaged and makes leading

art lessons easy after a brief training offered in person and online.

Art docents have fun exposing children to different artists and

different styles of visual art. Please consider being an art docent for your child’s class!

For more information please contact info@woodsidePTA.com

February Project

George Sauret, Pointillism