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Welcome to the Art Docent Page

Kids love art!

Art Docents are the classroom volunteers who teach art lessons to elementary students.

With no formal “art teacher” at Woodside its up to the caregivers of the children to help out and “teach” a lesson. Can you follow simple steps and schedule a time to come to school to teach? Then please give it a go for the children and much deserved break for the classroom teacher.

Frist you must be approved thru the Everett School District to volunteer in the classroom. See link for the steps, does take about 2 weeks to complete so please plan accordingly. Parents, Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, anymore can come in and volunteer, you must be approved first. It’s a standard background check

Secondly, you will need to work with the classroom teacher on when is a good time for them and you to come teach the lesson. The box of supplies you will need for the lesson will be either with the teacher in the classroom that day or at the front desk for pick. All the items you need to teach the lesson will be in the box, so there is no wondering if you have the correct materials. The lesson for that month will be posted on the website and printed out in the box. This allows you to plan and get familiar with what you are doing.
Interested in doing your own lesson? No problem, go for it! Add or take away what you wish to the lesson. Just make sure you have the additional supplies arranged with Christine Mazarek at least three weeks ahead of time to plan for budgeting and getting the materials.

This is all about what kind of time you can give and works for your schedule. If that is once a month, once a week, only twice for the school year, all that is great. When your ready to give the lesson please coordinate with the classroom teacher about what times and dates work for you both.

The goal is to have each classroom have an Art Docent and they can teach a lesson a month or have other caregivers rotate in each month to have a chance to spread the love of art. Also, please be open to helping in other classrooms that might not have an Art Docent or any other caregivers able to volunteer. ​